DebtBook is the industry's only consolidated debt & lease management solution.

Let us show you how DebtBook enables finance teams in local government, higher education, and healthcare to:

  • Effectively manage debt and leases in the cloud

  • Easily implement and maintain ongoing compliance with new lease accounting standards, such as GASB-87

  • Save time during audit with automatically-generated notes and journal entries



DebtBook: Great Debt & Lease Management, simplified

Benefits of DebtBook

  • Easily and confidently implement new accounting standards, such as GASB-87, and maintain ongoing compliance
  • Create a single source of truth and a seamless space for collaboration with internal and external team members
  • Eliminate unnecessary and costly errors stemming from incomplete or inaccurate info
  • Ensure continuity within your organization and improve succession planning
  • Save time when it comes to the audit with a history trail and automatically-generated notes and journal entries
  • Modernize your workflow without disrupting it; all data is easily exported into Excel for use in existing models
  • Leverage comprehensive dashboards and powerful charts and graphs to generate accurate, configurable reports and attain actionable insights

Trusted by Organizations of All Sizes

DebtBook Client: The UNC System
DebtBook Client: Memphis, Tennessee
DebtBook Client: Wake County
DebtBook Client: YMCA
DebtBook Client: Frisco, TX
DebtBook Client: City of Durham